Want to work or volunteer for CPAWS? Find our current opportunities here.

Volunteering with CPAWS

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with CPAWS. At CPAWS, volunteers are at the heart of our organization. Skip to current opportunities.

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience; not only are you making a positive difference for wilderness conservation, but you can network with others having similar interests and values. You can gain environmental knowledge while using your existing skills to help out CPAWS, and most important, it can be fun!

Why volunteer with CPAWS?

  • Gain knowledge about the environment
  • Meet and make friends with people who share similar interests and values.
  • Make a difference in protecting Ottawa’s wilderness.
  • Use your existing skills for a good cause, and develop new skills.
  • Have fun!

Getting Started...

  • Choose the opportunities you are interested in* and submit a Volunteer Application Form (click to download the word document and email to ov-outreach@cpaws.org)
  • Attend a monthly outreach / volunteer meeting to meet the team and learn more about upcoming opportunities.
  • Start your work, enjoy yourself and remember – never hesitate to ask for help!
  • For more information about volunteering with CPAWS in the Ottawa Valley region our Volunteer Program Coordinator at ov-outreach@cpaws.org or visit our Facebook page for the latest updates on volunteer opportunities.

    *If none of the currently available positions interest you, we encourage you to apply anyway and you will be added to our volunteer email list. We can usually accommodate the different talents and needs of volunteers. Also, continue to check this website often for new volunteer positions and updates.

    Volunteer opportunities

    Community outreach team volunteer

    Help us spread the word about CPAWS campaigns! A great opportunity for the social bunnies out there, who enjoy talking to people and sharing something they are passionate about. Outreach events include CPAWS Nature Nights, working with Mountain Equipment Coop, and community events and festivals.

    This role involves familiarizing yourself with at least one of the many CPAWS’s campaigns and sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm about a particular campaign at CPAWS events. You will act as our resident ‘aficionado’ on the history of the campaign and any recent news and developments that may be of interest to the public.  Campaigns include: Algonquin to Adirondacks; Algonquin Park; Rural Lands; Greenbelt; Eastern Wolf; Quebec Protected Areas Strategy; Dumoine River; Gatineau Park; Rivers and Watersheds; and Parks Management Planning. Time commitment: few hours at events (once or twice a month).


    As CPAWS-OV serves Anglophone and Francophone communities in both Ontario and Quebec, we need volunteers to translate documents (such as news items, presentation materials, and website posts) from English to French. Do you have a great grasp on the French language? Let us know and we can start you off right away. Time commitment: 2-3 hours a week (work can be done from home).

    Storyteller /writer

    CPAWS Ottawa Valley Chapter is looking for volunteers to capture the stories of our events like nature hikes and nature evenings. We are looking for someone who is comfortable with writing (blogging, social media), photography and video (for youtube). At an event you would document what is going on, interview attendees, take photographs and after the event report on social media and the upcoming blog about the event. Videos will be posted on youtube and linked on social media and the website. Own camera and other equipment required. Time commitment: going to the events (once or twice a month) and about two hours following each event to share it on social media and the website.

    Media Coordinator

    We are looking for a volunteer who can keep CPAWS Ottawa Valley in the eye of the media. This includes maintaining media contacts, writing articles for local papers and sending out media releases when we have announcements to be made. Experience in writing, journalism and liaising with media is required. This is a great opportunity to broaden your resume while making a valued difference for our non-profit organization.  Time commitment: 2-4 hours a week, depending on number of events/news items.

    Office support

    Without any full-time staff, an office assistant would be a great asset to making our work run more smoothly. Tasks would include: maintaining the filing system, sending out information packages, inputting information into our database, communicating with members and other administrative tasks.  Time commitment: half a day a week, during office hours

    Educational Program Developer

    CPWAS would like to share our knowledge of the Ottawa Valley with local students. We are in need of someone who would be able to work with the current CPAWS staff to create an educational program for teachers (covering classrooms K-12). If you have ideas for possible less plans or experience developing course curriculums, this is the position for you! Time commitment: 2-4 per week

    Fundraising and event officer

    Finding grants that could support our work, assisting in the writing and submitting of proposals and identifying other fundraising opportunities are just a few things we need assistance with. We are also hoping to organize a fundraising event in the fall for which we can use extra hands on deck.

    Time commitment: 3-4 hours a week

    Volunteer coordinator - position filled

    We are looking for a volunteer to help coordinate recruitment and placement of new CPAWS volunteers. Responsibilities include coordinating recruitment including communicating with CPAWS staff and committee leaders, drafting volunteer opportunity descriptions and posting these online, managing our volunteer database, responding to volunteer inquiries, screening and placement of volunteers, planning volunteer recognition activities, and general support to development of CPAWS’ volunteer program and policies. Ideally, we would like someone who is fluent in French and English. Work can be done from home or from our office. Time commitment: 10-12 hours/week.

    Graphic designer

    We need volunteers to help design a variety of print materials, such as reports, brochures, posters, etc. Time commitment: varied, 3-4 hours/week.

    Website designer

    We are looking for a volunteer to maintain the website and make updates and upgrades. Skills in photoshop and wordpress required. Time commitment: 3 hours/week.

    E-Outreach assistant

    We need volunteers with social networking savvy, in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other online community tools, to help build our profile and reach out to supporters online. Time commitment: 2-3 hours/week.

    Caribou Canvassers

    Help collect “voices” for woodland caribou conservation. We would provide you with a briefing on the situation of woodland caribou in Canada and our recommendations to help secure this iconic species future. We are hoping to collect 2500 signatures (signature, email address and postal code) through canvassing in Ottawa and region this summer. We will provide you with pledge forms on which you can record information, postcards and other outreach material related to the organization and caribou that you can leave with people if they want more information.
    This is a great opportunity for students and families looking to get into volunteering this summer. You may canvass where and when you want (provided we know when/where in order to coordinate locations). Local events, fairs, festivals, bbqs and garage sales are all great places, door to door canvassing is also effective as is the selection of high traffic locations downtown. Tome commitment: Flexible