Parks Management

Protected areas, such as parks, are the keystones of wilderness protection. The Parks Management Committee focuses on protected area creation and management based on ecocentric principles. As well, we are concerned with maintaining natural connectivity and wildlife diversity.


The Committee works closely with our other committees, for instance the Eastern Wolf and the Algonquin to Adirondacks Committees.

The Committee is made up mostly of volunteers with an interested in parks, landscape connectivity and biological diversity. Working with the Committee is an excellent way to get to know the parks in our region and learn about the threats that they face and how these threats can be reduced. We conduct field trips, review government documents such as park management plans, address topics posted on the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights website, and discuss critical issues with experts. Our actions include input to various park management plans, encouraging personal input, speaking at public meetings and undertaking educational outreach.

How you can help

Send an e-mail voicing your concerns to the Premier, with copies to the Ministers of Environment and Natural Resources, the Environmental Commissioner, Executive Director of Ontario Parks and OPEG at the following addresses. 

Bruce Bateman, Executive Director of Ontario Parks
Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Hon. Jim Bradley, Ont. Minister of Environment
Hon. David Orazietti, Ont. Minister of Natural Resources
Mr. Gord Miller, Ont. Environment Commissioner


Please feel free to download the following documents:

  • CPAWS Ottawa Valley's comments on the Quetico Provincial Park Preliminary Management Plan [PDF]
  • CPAWS Ottawa Valley's comments on the review of the masterplan for Murphy's Point Provincial Park in eastern Ontario [PDF]
  • CPAWS Ottawa Valley's comments on the Environmental Report (ER) for the Enerdu Generating Station Expansion and Redevelopment
    Project (December 2012) [PDF]
  • CPAWS Ottawa Valley's comments on the terms of reference (revised) for Wabakimi, Kopka River & Whitesand Provincial Park [PDF]




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