Algonquin Camping in June!

Camping in Algonquin!


When: June 25-26: from Saturday to Sunday.

Time: Meet at 2:00 pm on Saturday

Meeting place: near Pizza-Pizza (Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre

1338 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 8L4) for carpooling.

Duration: Approximately 24-30 hours

Questions: by email ( ) or by phone at 819-778- 3355. 

Excursion led by John McDonnell and Elena Kreuzberg

Are you interested to join us for our first camping visit to Algonquin Park in June? Do you expect to see moose in the morning fog? Are you interested to learn how to recognize birds by sign and by call? Do you love to get up early that to watch for sunrise and morning fog over lakes? Do you expect to see amazing landscapes and cautious animals? This event is for you! End of June is time when noisy mosquitoes and black flies are already not too much abundant. We stay for camping on Whitefish Lake Group Campground that surrounded by mostly pine forest and facing to the beautiful lake.

Join us for our trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario on June 25-26 to explore trails in Algonquin Park!

Place in the camp is limited and advanced registration is required, so, please, register for this event that ensure your participation: by phone –819-778- 3355 or by email: . Participation fees $50 per person will cover camping costs, park entrance fees and fees for hikes in the Park.