Cafe Scientifique - April 10 - Coyotes and human-carnivore conflict

Our Cafe Scientifique is an informal gathering of people to discuss current science, conservation and environmental issues that affect our communities. On the second Monday of each month, we will discuss a different topic related to biology, conservation, wilderness and our place in the environment.

On Monday April 10, 2017, our Cafe Scientifique will feature our guest speaking Lynn Remmelgas will discuss coyotes and human-carnivore conflict.

Lynn Remmelgas studies human-carnivore conflict at Lakehead University. Her current project focuses on conflict with coyotes and wolves in central Ontario with the goal of mitigating conflict and raising tolerance levels for these animals in order to find a way to coexist.Large carnivores such as wolves, coyotes, bears or cougars are often in conflict with people, especially those living in rural areas or near protected zones. This conflict can be costly and stressful for the people and can threaten livelihood. This conflict can also threaten the long term survival of vulnerable species and disrupt ecosystem balances. In order to mitigate both human-carnivore and human-human conflict, it is important to learn more about it.

Meet at the Fox and the Feather Pub and Grill on Elgin st, Ottawa at 7:00pm, order a drink, grab a bite to eat and engage in discussion on coyotes, our relationship with nature and the conflicts that can arise.

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