Gatineau Park in May Hike

Gatineau Park in May

May 29, 2016: Sunday.
Time: Meet at 9:00 am
Meeting place: on Parking 16 in the Gatineau Park (insert map link here).
Duration: Approximately 5 hours
Questions: by email ( ) or by phone at 613-232-7297. 
Excursion led by Elena Kreuzberg
P16 Vallée-Meech Parc de la Gatineau, Chemin Pine
Chelsea, QC J9B 2K2

End of May is a wonderful time in Gatineau Park with a full diversity of blooming spring flowers, shrubs and trees. Most part of local breeding migrants have already returned from their winter grounds and occupied their individual territories in the forest and grassland. These species have already become invisible, masking themselves in the crowns of trees, in grasses and in the bushes. However, we can still recognize many species by their typical individual song. So, during our hike we’ll dive into the diversity of plants and will explore our ability to recognize birds by song, mnemonics and sign. We’ll walk from Parking 16 to Healy Lodge, stay in the lodge to rest and come back to P16 after our excursion.

Take your cameras and snack for refreshment. Be prepared in accordance with weather. No visitors fees in the Park; however, small donations to CPAWS-OV are welcomed.