Greens Creek Hike on February 7th - Postponed until March

Excursion to Green’s Creek, Ottawa: Snow-shoeing - Postponed until March


February 07, 2016: Sunda Due to the severe ice cover on the trails this hike will be postponed until March when the trails will be clear and the wildlife will be plentiful.

Time Meet at 10:00 am

Meeting place on Parking 8 Rockliffe Parkway (instructions below)

Duration Approximately 3 hours

Questions by email ( ) or by phone at 613-232-7297. 

From downtown Ottawa, go east on the Queensway and take the left fork toward Orleans. Exit at the Montreal Road exit. Turn right at St Joseph Blvd. Continue along St Joseph Blvd. until you come to the lights where you turn left onto the Rockcliffe Parkway (at this intersection on St Joseph Blvd., the Rockcliffe Parkway is on the left and Bearbrook Road is to the right). Continue along the Rockcliffe Parkway. The first bridge you cross is the one going over the highway. Continue quite a ways along and the second bridge you see is the one that crosses over Green's Creek, park at parking lot P8 on your left.

In current warm weather conditions it is difficult to predict what weather will be in February, but usually it is cold. During our excursion to Green’s Creek we’ll explore footprints remained on snow by different inhabitants of Ottawa Greenbelt. We’ll also watch for birds staying in forest for winter, diving into Ottawa’s River rapids, and looking for crumbs along the roads and on fields.  Be prepared in accordance with weather; do not forget some sunflower seeds for chickadees, nuthatches and jays.
Excursion led by Elena Kreuzberg