Hike at Jack Pine Trail, Stony Swamp Area

Hike at Jack Pine Trail in Stony Swamp

When: Sunday,February 28, 2016
Time: Meet at 10:00 am
Meeting place: on Parking 9 near Jack Pine trail

Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Questions: by email ( ) or by phone at 613-232-7297. 
Excursion led by Elena Kreuzberg

Jack Pine Trail always keeps some secrets for visitors. In winter it serves as a habitat for many mammals and birds. The White-tailed Deer, Coyote, Short-tailed and Long-tailed Weasels, Northern Porcupine and Raccoon, two squirrel species, Snowshoe Hare and even Fisher inhabit this area. For the most part these animals are very secretive and, are usually hidden during the day. However, their presence can be easily recognized in winter by the numerous footprints that remain in the snow. Five woodpecker species nest in this area; one more appears here only during the winter. This is the rare Black-backed Woodpecker. The probability of spotting this visitor increases towards the end of winter; especially since it likes to stay on coniferous trees, sometimes very close to feeders. Several owl species are also common residents; and even secretive Ruffed Grouses often visit this area looking for food on trees.

Bring your cameras and snack for refreshment. Be prepared in accordance with weather. Small donations to CPAWS-OV are welcomed.