June hike at Petrie Island

Petrie Island Hike


When: June 12, 2016: Sunday.

Time: Meet at 9:00 am

Meeting place: on official Parking lot at Petrie Island.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Questions: by email ( ) or by phone at 819-778- 3355. 

Excursion led by Elena Kreuzberg

Petrie Island is a known place for turtle watching, there are several special observation points that to look for turtles basking on logs in a narrow window. Closeness to the river provide opportunity for observation some interesting visitors like, for example, Northern Map Turtle or even Otter. Beavers have several well-established lodges and can be seen almost in every visit, but more often in early morning or evening hours. Muskrat are also common dwellers of the Island. Bird diversity changes with seasons, in summer we can observe various aquatic and song-birds inhabiting wetlands and forests. If you are interested to know more about species diversity and animal habits join us for our regular Sunday hike!

Take your cameras and snack for refreshment. Be prepared in accordance with weather.