Late Fall Hike in the East end of Ottawa

At the end of this month, November 30, we will organize an outing together with the Ottawa Field Naturalist Club. We will meet at Lincoln Fields (near Pizza Pizza) at 8:00 am for carpooling.

This time, our destination will be wetlands located at the Eastern end of Ottawa: Petrie Island and adjacent areas along Trim, Milton and Russell Roads.

End of November is a very quiet time in the forest: in November almost all seasonal visitors – long-distance migratory birds from the north – have already passed through the Ottawa Valley to their wintering sites in the southern Hemisphere. Wintering birdshave not yet shown up, or are just begining to arrive… Therefore we've decided to explore the open wetlands, that serve as the destination sites for many waterfowls – migratory and wintering.  On our hike we’ll visit the wetlands of Petrie Island to explore the birds currently there. After that we’ll drive to Russell Road to explore and see delayed fall migrants, which can be spotted on the wetlands and fields along the road: Sandhill Cranes, geese, ducks, gulls, birds of prey including northern harrier, red-tailed hawk and others. Preliminary screening of the area on November 14 has shown that some late migrants like geese and sandhill cranes still can be observed in the eastern Ottawa; however, the snowfall last Monday may have pushed them on their way south. 

We expect to see the first winter visitors arriving from the north. First redpolls and grosbeaks have already appeared in the Ottawa Valley; and we hope that we can find more of them as well as some wintering ducks on the open water like Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, mergansers…

Please contact Elena Kreuzberg at 613-232-7297 or if you are able to come to the hike or would like more information.