South March Conservation Forest Hike

Excursion led by Elena Kreuzberg

When: April 17  
9:00 am – 12:00 pm.
Where: Meeting at Second Line and Brady Avenue in Kanata: 
South March Highlands Conservation Forest:

Located close to the city, the South March Conservation Forest still keeps many elements of wild nature and is a habitat for many wildlife species. In the middle of April we explore this area  to see the first signs of spring with spring ephemeral plants, look at the spring migrants – land birds and waterfowls, search for resident species such as Red Squirrel and Northern Porcupine, watch for first emerged reptiles such as turtles and Garter Snake, and look for salamanders and newts.  

Take your cameras and snack for refreshment. Be prepared in accordance with weather.

The excursion is free, but small donations to CPAWS-OV are welcomed.

See you there!

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