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  • Published on Apr 20 2017 |
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Join CPAWS-OV on our monthly hike on April 30, 2017 at 10:00am at Mud Lake. Spring is a fascinating and beautiful time to see Mud Lake as it is a hot spot for migratory birds. Join us and our Conservation Biologist to learn about owls, birds, turtles, beavers, muskrats, plants and invasive species. Mud Lake is an urban trail near Britannia Beach. It is easily accessible and will last approximately 1-2 hours. ASL interpretation will be available for this hike. There is a suggested donation of $5. Please register for this event by contacting Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org.

Join Becky Mason at CPAWS-OV’s Dumoine River Art Camp  this summer from August 2-7, 2017. Apply for CPAWS-OV Dumoine River Art Camp by April 30, 2017! We are looking for all types of artists including: musicians, photographers, sculptures and more! The Art Camp will bring together artists working in different mediums and from communities across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We will explore the Dumoine River, create works of art, share stories and become inspired by this magnificent landscape. The camp will be free to all participants in exchange for one completed art piece, inspired by the Dumoine River Art Camp. Through the art camp and subsequent gallery events, we hope to inspire citizens to support the ongoing CPAWS-OV campaign to protect the Dumoine River watershed for future generations.

CPAWS-OV is hosting a Volunteer Welcome and Orientation Day at Mud Lake from 10:00am – 12:00pm on Sunday May 7, 2017. Would you like to learn more about CPAWS-OV and our upcoming volunteer opportunities? Do you want to learn more about our Road Ecology Program and Dumoine River Art Camp? We will do a short presentation on CPAWS-OV as an organization, discuss our many volunteer opportunities and end the meeting with a short guided hike along the trails at Mud Lake. Please register by e-mailing Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org so we can bring enough information booklets for everyone.

CPAWS-OV Café Scientifique on foraging and the ethics of foraging will take place on May 8, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Fox and Feather Pub. Join expert foragers, Amber Westfall from The Wild Garden  and a special guest from Hidden Harvest. Our Café Scientifique is an informal gathering of people to discuss current science, conservation and environmental issues that affect our communities. On the second Monday of each month, we will discuss a different topic related to biology, conservation, wilderness and our place in the environment. Order a drink, grab a bite to eat and engage in a discussion on the ethics of foraging.

Join Bryan Dowkes at 9:00am on May 13, 2017 for an Urban Foraging hike near the Strathcona Heights community garden, located near Hurdman road. Bryan Dowkes is a wild food enthusiast with a passion for urban foraging, and wild spaces both within the city and out. Bryan will cover the ethical, ecological and safety principles necessary to forage responsibly in an urban setting. The walk will take 1.5-2 hours at a leisurely pace on trails mostly paved, and will cover a few of the most common and easily identifiable spring edibles in the Ottawa area. Dress comfortably for the weather, and feel free to bring a notebook and camera.

Join CPAWS-OV on our monthly hike on Sunday May 28, 2017 at 10:00am at the Crazy Horse Trail in Carp. We will explore a unique network of trails built by local volunteers on the Carp Ridge. This unique complex of wetlands, small ponds and forests provides habitat for countless species of plants and animals within a very short distance of intense development in the west end of Ottawa. This hike should last between 2-3 hours.

Volunteers Needed

CPAWS-OV is always looking for hard working and dedicated volunteers but we have a few specific positions to fill:

  • Translators needed! We need English-French translators to help us translate our reports. We are hoping to get enough volunteers to form a committee to work on the reports together. This is a great opportunity if you would like to meaningfully contribute to conservation efforts but can’t make it out to our events.
  • We need an editor to read over the English version of the above documents to catch any spelling errors, formatting issues or other mistakes before they are sent off to translation.
  • CPAWS-OV needs help with their first annual Dumoine River Art Camp! We need help with promotion, fundraising, logistics and more! What better way to volunteer then organize an art camp and spend time on the Dumoine River!
  • Data entry volunteer opportunities! We have had great success with our Make it a REAL Park post card petition, but before we send off the post cards we would like to add the names and e-mails to our records.

To learn more about these opportunities contact Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org.

Be A Summer Intern!

Are you a student, between the age of 15 and 30 with the intention of returning to school in the fall? If so, consider working with CPAWS-OV this summer!

We will be accepting applications shortly for three exciting summer positions:

  • Dumoine River Art Camp Coordinator - an opportunity to put your organization and creative skills to work to assist with the planning and delivery of our first annual art camp along the Dumoine River. You will get to meet artists and camp along one of Quebec’s last wild rivers!
  • Outreach Assistant – if you like going to events and meeting people, this opportunity is for you! You will be responsible for engaging the public in CPAWS-OV campaigns (signing petitions, providing information and helping to organize events, like our Parks Day event in July).
  • Conservation Assistant – this position involves providing support to our conservation team. You will help carry out research linked to our road ecology program and other conservation programs.

More information will be posted shortly. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook to learn more and to apply.
These positions are made possible thanks to the Government of Canada’s Canada Summer Jobs program. For more information, please contact Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org.

Important Notice:

Thanks to all the support and comments about the hunting of Ontario Snapping Turtles, they are no longer a hunted species. Based on public feedback, there was significant opposition to maintaining any open season for snapping turtles. Snapping Turtles are a long-lived species that reproduce slowly and are subject to other significant stressors such as road mortality. The Ministry has closed the Snapping Turtle season to help maintain populations of this species into the future.

Interview with John McDonnell: 10 years with CPAWS-OV

1. What is your position at CPAWS

I've been the Executive Director since 2007

2. How did you find out about CPAWS-OV?

My first contact with CPAWS-OV was back in 1998 when I was a summer student at Forêt La Blanche and we were working to save that area from development. I became director of Forêt La Blanche group in 2000 and we worked closely with CPAWS-OV until the area was protected in 2003. A CPAWS-OV Board member who I knew through Forêt La Blanche, encouraged me to apply.

3. What made you want to join CPAWS-OV?

The CPAWS-OV mission resonates with me. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by nature while growing up in rural west Quebec and feel strongly that others should have the opportunity to connect with nature. Moreover, I always admired the way in which CPAWS approaches conservation – in a consensus seeking fashion, one that is inclusive and positive, rather than confrontational.

4. What do you do (school or work) outside of CPAWS-OV?

A couple of years ago, I purchased an 1850’s era log house in the Pontiac and had it disassembled and I rebuilt it on my property in Mayo, while that project is complete (never really ever complete!), my dream is to develop a nature school on my property  - a place where people can come and learn about nature and experience nature through a series of trails I have built over the years.

5. What is your favorite thing about CPAWS-OV? A campaign, education, hikes etc…?

My proudest moment was when the Government of Quebec granted interim protection for the Dumoine River watershed and subsequently when amendments were made to the protected area based on CPAWS recommendations. I am looking forward to working to secure protection for portions of the Noire and Coulonge River watersheds over the next several years.

6. Can you tell us a highlight story of working with CPAWS-OV?

There have been so many highlights, not the least of which was when I had the opportunity to travel to Łutsel K'e in 2015 as part of a CPAWS trip to the Northwest Territories. The people were so warm and welcoming and the landscape was beyond spectacular. On the lighter side, a couple of years ago, I ran into Dan Ackroyd while waiting for a meeting on Parliament Hill!

7. What have you learned from your time with CPAWS-OV?

To be patient, to listen and to learn from others. Our conservation successes are the result of our extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the region, those face-to-face meetings are essential for moving forward. I learned that conservation is a long process and that one must never give up.

8. What is your favorite way to connect to nature?

My favorite way to connect to nature is to go hiking or snowshoeing in the winter. You can see so many interesting things right here in our own backyard and there are so many fascinating trails in the region. No need to go anywhere else!

CPAWS-OV Dumoine River Art Camp

CPAWS-OV will be hosting our first annual Dumoine River Art Camp from August 2-7, 2017. The CPAWS-OV Dumoine River Art Camp will bring together artists working in different mediums and from communities across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We will explore the Dumoine River, create works of art, share stories and become inspired by this magnificent landscape.  Applications close on April 30, 2017.

Applications for artists to participate will be open from March 1 – April 30, 2017. Applications can be found here. On May 15, 2017, we will officially announce the artists who have been selected to attend. There will be no cost to participate in the art camp, however each artist is asked to donate a completed piece. These donated works will be displayed in our art shows. CPAWS-OV will provide meals, tents, and other necessary camping equipment.
In hosting the Dumoine River Art Camp, we hope to introduce local artists to this beautiful piece of Canadian wilderness. We continue to work to ensure the area receives full protection, recognized boundaries and a level of protection that is strong enough to maintain the area’s ecological integrity. Through the art camp and subsequent gallery events, we hope to inspire citizens to support the ongoing CPAWS-OV campaign to protect the Dumoine River watershed for future generations.
For more information please e-mail Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org.