Canada’s Parks Day

  • Published on Jul 06 2017 |
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Come celebrate Canada’s Parks Day with CPAWS-OV on Saturday, July 15 in Gatineau Park!

Canada’s Parks Day is a day dedicated to Canada’s parks and protected areas and highlights the vital role that parks play in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems, protecting critical habitat for species-at-risk and contributing to human health and well-being. This year, CPAWS-OV will celebrate Gatineau Park (and our Make it a Real Park campaign) by guiding a hike beginning at 10:00am from Parking Lot 16 to Healey Cabin. We will learn about the birds, mammals and plants that live in Gatineau Park. At Healey Lodge, we will provide refreshments, games and crafts for the kids. Essentially, this is an event where Canadians can participate in fun, educational and family-oriented activities.

CPAWS-OV works to teach Canadians living in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec about Canada’s nature parks and environment surrounding them. One campaign that CPAWS-OV really takes pride in and works hard to maintain is the Gatineau Park – Make it a Real Park campaign. Gatineau Park is only a park in name, this means that the park does not have any legislated boundaries and a mandate like most legally protected provincial and federal parks do. CPAWS-OV has been fighting for and defending Gatineau Park over the last 50 years to preserve and ensure its’ natural beauty.

This lack of protection for Gatineau Park is extremely disappointing considering all the things it has to offer. To elaborate, the park serves as an excellent attraction for tourists and locals who are looking to get close to nature while taking in the beautiful sceneries. In fact, this amazing wildlife area has 118 rare or endangered species, numerous wetlands, and 50 lakes, making it extremely rich in biodiversity. It is a place where you can do many sports and activities regardless of the weather, including but not limited to, hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, camping, and rock climbing!

For those who are interested, CPAWS-OV is circulating a petition that will be delivered to the House of Commons calling for decision-makers to make Gatineau Park a real park. Sign our petition.

Furthermore, you can buy a Make it a Real Park t-shirt that you can wear when you join us on our hike! What better way to make a statement about what you believe in?
To buy a shirt, you can find one here.

We also hope that you choose to share information about this campaign with others you know who love Gatineau Park! You can find CPAWS-OV on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep updated and get involved.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please do! It’s an excellent way to have some fun over the summer while getting involved in some very important campaigns. Simply email for volunteer positions.

With this in mind, don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch and join us at Gatineau Park on July 15th at 10am for a guided hike and family-friendly activities at Healey Cabin!

We hope to meet you there!