Campaign Chronicles - Gatineau Park: Mothers

  • Published on May 07 2012 |
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Help Mother Nature this month: think globally, act locally!

Beaver lodgeAppreciate Mother Nature in all her springtime glory by taking a springtime hike along one of the Gatineau Park trails.

Red trilliumsDuring this time of new growth you will find bloodroot, trout lily shoots and red trillium ~ signs of spring beginning to poke through the leaf litter on the forest floor of the Brown Lake Trail of Gatineau Park.

The lakes and ponds of Gatineau Park support various wildlife such as beavers, nesting birds, snakes and turtles  ~ who are in need of our support for the protection of their homes and way of natural life.

To help preserve and protect this natural treasure in the Ottawa Valley area write your local MPs, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Canada or contact CPAWS-OV for more information on how you too can help ensure the preservation and continuity of our precious natural habitats and resources.