June Newsletter

  • Published on Jun 21 2017 |
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June has been a busy month at CPAWS-OV! We participated in 100 in 1 Day Ottawa with our Volunteer Appreciation Day and Mud Lake Clean Up where we cleaned up two turtle beds, made a third, collected garbage and hosted a BBQ for our great volunteers! We attended Living Lightly by EnviroCentre and the Department of Defence during Environment Week. We took out 5 elementry school classes to Gatineau Park to connect youth to nature and led a hike to the Limerick Forest to celebrate Father's Day. We took our second trip out to the Dumoine River in preparation for our Dumoine River Art Camp and we are planning on making several more trips to the Dumoine River, Noire River and Coulonge River this summer for the art camp and to collect data. We hired two summer students Fatima, our Outreach Intern, and Kathleen, our Dumoine River Art Camp Intern, and we are currently planning more events for the summer!


July 1 - Happy 150th Canada!

July 2 - CPAWS-OV will be at The Heart of Orleans Marché from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Come stop by and see our booth for family friendly games, stickers, information about our Make it a real park campaign and volunteer opportunities.

July 15 - Pack a picnic lunch and join us on July 15 for a guided hike and family friendly activities at Healey Cabin! This year, CPAWS-OV will celebrate Canada Parks Day by guiding a hike in Gatineau Park beginning at 10:00am from Parking Lot 16 to Healey Cabin. We will learn about the birds, mammals and plants that live in Gatineau Park. At Healey Lodge, we will provide refreshments, games and crafts for the kids.

July 30 - CPAWS-OV will be at Marché Vieux Aylmer from 10:00am - 3:00pm. Come stop by and learn more about CPAWS-OV, our campaigns and how you can help protect wilderness in your own backyard.

August 2-7 - CPAWS-OV will be hosting our first Dumoine River Art Camp. The art camp will bring together artists working in different mediums and from communities across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We will explore the Dumoine River, create works of art, share stories and become inspired by this magnificent landscape. The camp will be closed to the public but we will be hosting an Open House on August 6th. 

August 6 - Meet the artists at the Dumoine River Art Cmap! The Dumoine River Art Camp Open House will be hosted at Robinson Lake beginning at 10:00am. CPAWS-OV would like to invite everyone to come to our Dumoine River Art Camp to experience the Dumoine River, meet the artists and be inspired by the natural landscape. The artists will be working closer to camp so that the public can come and see what they are working on. We will host a guided hike and other family friendly activities.

Please RSVP with Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org so we can provide you with directions and more information.

August 6 - Join CPAWS-OV in cheering on the racers at MEC Ottawa Race Four! From 7:00am-3:00pm at Camp Fortune (300 Ch Dunlop, Chelsea, QC). Up for a challenge? The scenic route through the trail of Gatineau Park is located just across the river from Ottawa and is easily accessible for those living in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. This trail race has something for everyone, from new trail runners to the most experienced. 

To learn about upcoming events please see our website, facebook, instagram and twitter pages.

Mount O'Brien Events

Did you know Mount O'Brien is 30 square kilometers of public land just north of Gatineau Park and a spectactular place to hike?

The Mont O’Brien Association is a non-profit environmental organisation that provides access to hiking trails on the Biodiversity Reserve for members & guests. They offer a  free, gentle, guided nature hike on the Summit Trail or on the shorter, easier Lower Slope Trail, every Sunday in July and August. 

To learn more about Mount O'Brien see their website.

Volunteer Opportunities

Events - CPAWS-OV will be participating in various events this summer and we will need help managing all the booths and canvassing opportunitites! In addition to the above mentioned events, we are in the process of scheduling more events throughout the summer. If you are interested in helping us inform the public about our campaigns, collect signatures for our Make it a real park campaign, connect people to nature or just tell people how much you love wildlife, send Jesse an e-mail at jlever@cpaws.org

Funraising Committee - Volunteers are at the heart of CPAWS Ottawa Valley's work. We are launching a new Fundraising Committee and we are currently seeking passionate individuals to help us develop and implement new and expanded fundraising policies. The committee will meet on a regular basis (approximately every 6 weeks) and will be responsible for helping to identify new funding opportunities for CPAWS-OV, including, but not limited to the engagement of individuals (monthly donors, major donors) and corporate donors, as well as assisting with the planning of fundraising events, including a fall fundraising event. While you don't need to be an expert fundraiser, we are seeking people who have some experience with the planned work of the committee and some connections or insights into our targeted audiences. Committee members may be called upon to make calls to individuals and should be comfortable in that situation (for example, calling lapsed donors to encourage them to donate once more or to invite people to events).

For more information or to volunteer, please contact John McDonnell at jmcdonnell@cpaws.org

Education Committee - Are you passionate about education? Do you want your children to have accessible nature programs? Consider joining the Education Committee! We are looking for teachers, educators, parents, new Canadians, Indigenous people and other concerned and knowledgble people to advise us on our ever growing Education Program. The new Education Committee will meet on a regular basis (approximately every 6 weeks) to guide us, help build our Education Program and connect us with other organizations and communitties. We are looking for guidance in how to grow our Education Program, how to reach diverse communitites who do not have easy access to nature and how to engage a variety of people and ensure their experiences in nature are safe, positive and enjoyable. 

If you are interested please e-mail Leah at lviau@cpaws.org

Translators - are always needed to help expand our programming in Quebec and reach for francophone audiences. We often need help translating brochures, promotional material, website content, documents and other materials. As we expand our educational program we will need help guiding hikes in french so we can reach more students and expand our programming.

If you are interested in helping us with translation, please e-mail Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org.

Donations for the Dumoine River Art Camp - This will be our very first year hosting the Dumoine River Art Camp and we are in need of some equipment to make this event a success! Do you have any camping equipment you no longer use and can donate? Do you have extra supplies to lend that you are not using during the art camp from August 1-8? We are looking for tents, sleeping pads or air mattresses, propane, lanterns, tarps and other camping gear. We are also looking for a satelite phone to use in case of emergencies as there is no cell service in the area. Donations of cash are also very welcome so we can purchase the equipment that we cannot borrow.

If you are able to make a contribution to the Dumoine River Art Camp, please contact Jesse at jlever@cpaws.org.


Meet our Artists! 

CPAWS-OV will be hosting our first annual Dumoine River Art Camp from August 2-7, 2017. The art camp will bring together artists working in different mediums and from communities across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We will explore the Dumoine River, create works of art, share stories and become inspired by this magnificent landscape. 

Our artists come from a variety of backgrounds and work in different mediums but they all are inspired by nature and are excited to come up to the Dumoine River to work en plein air. While some of the artists have extensive experience in the wilderness others have never been camping. The diversity of our artists will allow them to convey the beauty and the majesty of the Dumoine River from their unique perspective.

Our artists include (in no particular order):

Aleta Karstad        Lynette Chubb      Angela St. Jean    Bruce Winterbon     Tina Michaud                   

Phil Chadwick      Becky Mason      Cynthia O'Brien     Mary Gourlay             Vic Dohar  

Karin Fediw           Scott Haig             Clare Brebner       Eva Gallagher          Cassandra Robillard

To learn more about our artists and see a sample of their work read more}

Meet Kathleen Tuck, our Art Camp Intern!

How did you find out about CPAWS-OV?

I am an animation student at Algonquin College. My teacher found a job posting for the CPAWS Dumoine River Art Camp and shared the opportunity with the class.

What made you want to join CPAWS-OV?

I have always loved nature and animals. CPAWS-OV looked like the perfect opportunity to contribute to the community and learn how to help and preserve the nature around us.

What is your role with CPAWS-OV? What do you do and what have you done?

I am one of the Dumoine River Art Camp coordinators. I will help plan and organize the event. At the camp itself, I will be cooking, cleaning, helping the campers, and assisting with the set up/tear down of the camp.

What do you do outside of CPAWS-OV?

I am a freelance artist and I am currently going to school for animation.

What is your favorite thing about CPAWS-OV?

The workers at CPAWS are very friendly and open. CPAWS-OV gives me the chance to learn more and share the nature around me as well as care for wildlife.

Can you tell us a highlight story of working with CPAWS-OV?

One of my highlights was when we went to check the Dumoine River site and we saw a couple of turtles. Turtles are a rare find where I come from and it was quite a treat to see them in their natural habitat.

What have you learned from your time with CPAWS-OV?

 I have learned a lot about plants, and the environment, such as animal behaviour and natural occurrences. 

If you could give CPAWS-OV advice, what would it be?

I have not heard of CPAWS-OV before my teacher mentioned it.  CPAWS should advertise more and have a stronger presence in the media.

What is your favorite way to connect with nature?

 My favourite way to connect with nature is to protect the plants and animals as I can. Be it sharing information online or being out in the woods helping them in person.