Nov 19 10
Rodeau Park Cottage Lease Extensions threaten Ecological Integrity of Rondeau Provincial Park

Hundreds of cottages, strung out along the length of the tiny peninsula that comprises Rondeau Provincial Park, have severely degraded the park's fragile ecosystems. For decades the government has promised not to renew the leases when they expire...

Nov 10 10
Storyteller Scroll | Looking back at our Dare to be Deep event

Our storyteller, Sarah Boteler, writes about her observations and the events that took place at the CPAWS Celebration, Dare to be Deep.


Albert Einstein once  said "look deep into Nature and there you will find everything" and this past...

Sep 29 10
Storyteller Scroll | Away from the fast paced city

Our storyteller Clara McWalters writes about her experience hiking in The Greenbelt with CPAWS.


Though it was a dreary Sunday morning, that didn’t stop us.  Thankfully the raindrops stayed in the clouds long enough so we could take our...

Aug 08 10
Welcome everyone to the new look and, more so, new content of CPAWS Ottawa Valley! We have updated our content to make sure you have the latest news on the important campaigns we have running. You can now take immediate action on our campaigns by...

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