Another extension proposed for Algonquin cottages!

  • Published on Nov 28 2012 |
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In 1954 the Ministry of Natural Resources decide to permanently stop leasing cottage lots in Algonquin Park, and not to renew existing leases as they expired in order to help return the Park to a more natural state. The cottages are incompatible with the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act (2006) which states that ecological integrity is the first principle of park management. The cottages and docks are a threat to shoreline habitat, and motor boats used to access the cottages are a source of pollution and noise. The cottages and motor boats are incompatible with the park’s wilderness character. They also limit the use and enjoyment of the park by the general public.
Unfortunately, under pressure from the cottagers, the leases have been repeatedly extended. The current expiry date is 2017. However, once again the Ministry is proposing to extend the leases – this time to 2038. They have provided no rationale for another extension.

Please contact the Ministry through the EBR website, and ask that the cottage leases not be extended yet again. Include the EBR Registry Number 011-7289 in your letter.

Click here to view the CPAWS-OV submission to the Ministry.