Campaign Chronicle : A2A Campaign

  • Published on Nov 14 2012 |
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“The ancient American Eel, which was once so plentiful in the Ottawa River Watershed, has been placed on the Endangered Species List in Ontario”.

Quote from Elder Dr. William Commanda O.C.'s communications with the Governor General of Canada.


Image: American eelThe American Eel is one of many species to use the Algonquin to Adirondack corridor as part of their habitat. For the Eel, which migrates all the way from the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic to Central Canada using the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries along the way, the A2A corridor is a critical step in their breeding journey. This ability to travel along the Corridor has long been compromised by hydro electric dams and other modern developments along our waterways. The Draft American Eel Recovery Plan, published recently by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, sets out both short and long-term actions and objectives to enable this important species to recover its viability.

CPAWS has a keen interest in the work of MNR on the development of this Plan, the key objectives of which are: to restore access to habitat within the historic range of American Eel; increase production of American Eels; reduce Eel mortality; protect and restore Eel habitat; and engage of Aboriginal peoples, stakeholders and other partners in the development and implementation of recovery actions.

The full text of the Plan is available here (1.2Mb PDF).