Campaign Chronicles - Dumoine River

  • Published on Jun 09 2011 |
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Preparatory hearings into the final level of protection and area of the Dumoine protected area wrap up

On April 19 and May 31, CPAWS Ottawa Valley took part in important meetings organized by the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDEP) in Campbell’s Bay and Gatineau respectively. These meetings were designed to bring together the various actors and stakeholders who work, live, play and those who have an interest in conserving the Dumoine River watershed. The MDDEP provided an overview of the current proposal to protect 1445 km from industrial development and participants had the opportunity to ask questions regarding access, hunting, fishing and on the level of protection being considered by the province. Currently, the MDDEP intends to grant the status of Aquatic Reserve to the entire territory.

This level of protection will ensure that no industrial development, like forestry, mining or energy production will take place, while allowing the public access for hunting, trapping and fishing. While CPAWS Ottawa Valley has not taken a position on the final level of protection, we will accept no less than a Category III (Aquatic Reserve) protected area for the Dumoine watershed. A number of people in attendance suggested the level of protection be elevated to an operating provincial park (Category II), while a provincial park will offer the same protections against industrial development, this level of protection will bring about an end to all hunting, trapping and baiting of lakes. It will also curtain access to various areas while terminating all cabin and cottage leases currently held in the region. In the coming weeks, we will be meeting with local mayors and other stakeholders to discuss these issues in advance of the full public hearings into the final boundaries and level of protection, expected in the winter of 2012.

Pictured: Grande Chute on the Dumoine River