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  • Published on Apr 03 2012 |
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Campaign Chronicle

Gatineau Park Campaign Update (March)

Although the early arrival of spring weather forced the cancellation of some of our scheduled outings, members associated with the Gatineau Park Campaign have not been idle over the winter months.

We continue to provide input into the National Capital Commission’s park planning process. Earlier this winter, we reviewed and provided comments on three related Gatineau Park initiatives: the Outdoor Recreation Plan, the Cultural Heritage Plan, and the Sustainable Transportation Plan. We recently submitted a 10-page report as our contribution to the Ecological Corridors Project. We are pleased that NCC officials have indicated their desire for CPAWS to continue our support and involvement in for this and other related efforts, on an ongoing basis.

Perhaps you have heard about demonstrations and civic protests related to the extension of Autoroute 5 highway, now being constructed along the northeastern park boundary. This project is ripping through a wide swathe of fields and mixed deciduous forest in the Brown Lake sector and, unless mitigating measures are put in place, this expansion threatens a valuable spring-water recharge area, as well as important natural buffers and corridors linking the park to the Gatineau River.

Our Gatineau Park team members have been closely monitoring the Environmental Assessment process for this project. We also attended the recent Quebec Superior Court hearing in which an injunction was approved. While avoiding any actions of civil disobedience, we have nevertheless made our concerns known through the provision of timely media releases.

In the near future, our members plan to meet with the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) as well as the NCC, to propose mitigation measures as construction proceeds. In the meantime, we continue to work with the SOS Wakefield group, to monitor the environmental impacts of the highway and its related developments along the northeastern park boundary.