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CPAWS-OV & Wabi Sabi are partnering for a unique project to raise awareness about Ontario’s Wilderness for Earth Day 2011. The partnership will include a Woodland Window Display at Wabi Sabi (1078 Wellington Street W) from April 1 – April 22, demonstrating the diversity of the ON Wilderness through the eyes of local crafters. As well as an Earth Day Celebration on Friday, April 22, also held at Wabi Sabi.


Do you knit, crochet, felt, sew, or weave? Or have you always wanted to learn? Well this is your opportunity to share your expertise, or learn a new skill, while supporting wilderness conservation in the Ottawa Valley! You are personally invited to be part of this initiative by contributing a ‘creature’ for our Woodland Window Display.


  • Everyone is welcome to participate (All ages! All skill levels!)
  • All creatures must be crafted out of fiber (i.e. knit, felt, crochet, sewn, weave, etc) and dropped off at Wabi Sabi between March 1 - March 31.
  • A List of possible creatures to craft is available below. Feel free to create your favorite woodland creature(s) even if they are not on the list; please be sure, however, that your creation is a species found in the ON Wilderness! Not sure? Just send an email to CPAWS ( - subject: Woodland Display) and one of our volunteers will get back to you!
  • As long as your creature is (1) made out of fiber and (2) is a species found in ON – it will be included in our display!
  • Please be sure to register your creature when you drop it off, including: Species/Common Name; Your Name; and Email address.
  • All creatures are YOUR property and will be loaned to Wabi Sabi during the month of April 2011.
  • If you wish, you may DONATE your creation to CPAWS-OV. We would be delighted to use these creatures at our display table during events to raise awareness about the ON Wilderness.
  • Creature may be picked up at Wabi Sabi during the week of May 1 _ May 7, 2011 once the display has been taken down.
  • Visit our Facebook site for ideas, inspiration, & crafting how to's!!!

YES, YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE: Please send an email to, with your name & the name of the creature(s) you plan to craft for the display! (This will help with planning the event.) * * * * * CPAWS-OV would like to THANK to several local crafters who have already donated items for the display! * * * * * Even if you do not wish to create a woodland creature, you can still stop by Wabi Sabi to view the display during the month of April 2011 AND all are welcome to join us on Earth Day (April 22) for our celebration of ON Wilderness!   ABOUT WABI SABI | Wabi Sabi is Ottawa's unique destination for knitting, spinning, weaving — and other fun fibre things. We hold creative fibre classes for all ages and all skill levels. So whether you are an expert or just starting out, we have plenty of projects that you will find fun and fulfilling. Located in Hintonburg at 1078 Wellington Street W, our store also carries a wide-range of supplies, equipment, and fibre. *Note! Wabi Sabi will be offering classes related to this event! Please check their website for more details.

* * * * *


  I. Mammals

Bat Beaver Black Bear
Caribou (Woodland) Cougar (Eastern) Coyote
Chipmunk Deer (White-tailed) Fox (Red)
Lemming Lynx Marten
Moose Muskrat Porcupine
Rabbit Raccoon Skunk
Squirrel (Black) Squirrel (Eastern Grey) Squirrel (Flying)
Wolf (Eastern) Woodchuck  

  II. Birds

Bald Eagle Baltimore Oriole
Blue Jay Canada Goose
Cardinal Chickadee (Black-capped)
Common Redpoll Crow (American)
Dark-Eyed Junco Duck (American Black or Mallard)
Goldfinch (American) Grosbeak (Rose-Breasted or Evening)
Heron (Great Blue) Hooded Mergansers
Hummingbird (Ruby-Throated) Loon (Common)
Osprey Owl (Great Horned, Barn, or Snowy)
Purple Martin Robin (American)
Ruffled Grouse Sparrow (White Crowned)
Vulture (Turkey) Warbler (Cerulean)
Woodpecker (Downy or Pileated)  

    III. Amphibians, Reptiles, & Fish

Bass Eel (American)
Frog (Western striped chorus) Lake Sturgeon
Pickerel Salamander
Snake (Common Garter or Green) Toad
Trout Turtle (Blandings, Painted, Snapping, or Wood)

IV. Flora

Aspen (Trembling) Birch (White or Gray)
Cedar (Eastern White) Cherry (Black or Pin)
Goldenrod Fern (Broad Beech)
Fir (Balsam) Hemlock (Eastern)
Hickory (Bitternut or Shagbark) Lady Slipper
Maple (Red, Silver, or Sugar) Moss & Lichen
Mountain-Ash (American or Showy) Oak (Red or Bur)
Pine (Eastern White, Jack or Red) Poison Ivy
Spruce (Black or White) Sumac

  VI. Insects & Misc

Ants Beetle Bumble bee
Black Fly Butterfly (Monarch) Butterfly (Black Swallowtail)
Centipede Dragonflies Earth Worm
Freshwater Mussels Lady Bug Moth (Luna)
Mosquito Spider Wasp

*Plus we will also need geological features like Rocks, small Lakes/Ponds, marshy areas, patches of grass/dirt, and of course the Ottawa River! Also, if time allows, please feel free to craft more than one ‘creature’ or a group of creatures (for example a pack of wolves, or a pair of ducks with ducklings in tow!)

* * * * *

“We are very excited about this partnership with Wabi Sabi and we hope that it will raise awareness of the diversity and beauty of the ON Wilderness through a unique and creative medium.”- Kaitlin, CPAWS Events Volunteer