GREEN jobs are virtually non-existent

  • Published on Dec 10 2012 |
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I searched far and wide for listings of “green jobs” to almost no avail.  There are a few websites like, and but the reality of it is that there are rarely new postings for environmental jobs in our area. One may be able to locate only a few GREEN jobs a month – which is nothing when you consider the amount of people, especially young people, currently looking for work.  Why is this? One would think that in this day and age where more and more people are consumed with the need to eat clean, veganism, gluten-free, global warming… there would be more emphasis on the importance of and need to preserve and protect wildlife and our natural resources to help ensure a sustainable and balanced future.

It is my strong belief that our governments need to invest much more time into and more money in order to create more environmental or “GREEN” jobs to aid our economy and our environment.  In order to create a better world and a brighter future for the next generation, I believe that there must be a shift in focus to jobs that really make a difference for this planet. There is so much work to be done and with your help we can no doubt progress towards a more balanced way of life, in where wildlife and natural resources are as much of a priority as the money we depend on as humans to survive.


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