Meet our new intern!

  • Published on Jun 23 2016 |
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Leah Viau joined our team in May of 2016 as our Road Ecology Technician. She is responsible for coordinating and training our large team of volunteers who are actively collecting data along the region’s road network with a view to help identify “hotspots” – areas of high animal mortality where mitigation measures should be applied. Leah hails from the Ottawa Valley and recently graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. She is passionate about the conservation of wildlife and the different ecosystems. She has been learning alongside of Conservation Biologist Elena Kreuzberg, who has been sharing her knowledge to help teach Leah.

The main tasks of our Road Ecology program are to engage urban youth in wildlife conservation through our volunteer program and ensure safety of roads for wildlife in Ottawa Valley. We adopt methods of citizen science for data collection from different places in Ottawa Greenbelt and Gatineau Park engaging volunteers and using simple tools such as apps available on mobile phones.

Our Road Ecology program is supported by NAPECA (the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action) grant of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation; Leah’s position is made possible as a result of a generous grant from Colleges and Institutes Canada.