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  • Published on Feb 06 2011 |
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So the past week went pretty steadily. A couple humps here are there - one of them being that we [at the Katimavik house] were told to clean our rooms because they were bordering on being below hygienic standards. To defend ourselves, our room is not nearly as messy as it was the day of inspections. It had been a hectic morning where you kind of threw all your stuff everywhere and then had to run out the door to catch the bus. I also got my first BIG taste of winter on Wednesday with the blizzard. I’m not sure whether that could actually be classified as a blizzard… but in my mind it certainly was. I don’t think the “SnowCalypse” is too strong of a term. Okay maybe it wasn’t so bad. I was very impressed to see how it really wasn't a big deal to the city of Ottawa at all. By the next day everything was completely ploughed and shoveled (I hope everyone had the same experience).

Wednesday night, was a bit interesting because some sort of plague has descended upon our Katimavik house and everyone has varying degrees of illness. So our poor house managers (two katimavikers stay home from their jobs for a week and take control of the house. They clean, prepare all the meals, grocery shop, manage the finances and are just general super heroes) were both sick, one of them forced to stay in bed. Somehow they managed to get dinner on the table – yummy veggie kebabs. We were running a bit late so we merged dinner with our planned activity, which was watching the documentary Food Inc. I've seen the movie once, but it’s funny to watch it again and notice new things and re-evaluate your eating and buying habits all over again. Also we paused at points to discuss how we were feeling about what was being said and shown. It’s cool to get different perspectives and to hear from people who have first-hand experiences. For example, when we were learning about corn and wondering if that kind of thing happens in Canada, our lovely member from Moose Jaw told us that it’s pretty much the same in the parries [as it was in the movie]. Very cool movie, we haven’t finished it quite yet, but I’m excited to see the second half – I totally love the holistic farmer. He’s my idol for common sense and simplicity!

Thursday night the Katimavikers of Ottawa headed out to take advantage of the amazing free night at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Wow! First of all, free things rock! Second, what a BEAUTIFUL building! And third, dinosaurs, polar bears, the skeleton of a huge blue whale AND a room of crystals… all in one building? I must admit, it was a bit overwhelming, and maybe we spent too much time in the dinosaur section, but it was awesome! I think a number of us were a bit sceptical, being that it is a museum and all, but I everyone ended up being really glad we did it. I think there were requests to make a second visit because no one managed to see everything. I officially give this place a huge recommendation. This was our first free museum visit; the plan is to get to all the different museums in Ottawa offering free nights and take advantage of the opportunity.

I actually had the treat of getting to have dinner and a visit with my Dad Thursday night! He was in town for business so he picked me up from the museum once it closed. He brought me a care package from my aunt back home (which included an archie comic!!), and took me out to dinner. I’ve never been a big meat eater, but with all the tofu and tvp (textured vegetable protein, for those like me who didn’t have a clue was tvp was), I totally indulged and got some ribs. It was awesome; I brought home the leftovers to share with housemates. I’ve never seen someone so excited about one rib! It was cool, I got to tell my Dad about everything I’d been doing, tell him about my job here at CPAWS and how it all works.

So those have been the highlights of my week, the weekend’s coming up and we’ve got some exciting things scheduled. We are officially going to skate on the Rideau Canal, I’m more looking forward to the hot chocolate and beaver tails aspect, but I’m sure if I wear enough layers by bum won’t be too sore from falling all day.

Thank you everyone for reading! I hope you had an awesome weekend, it was so warm! I personally am delighted to see the thermometer slowly inching its way towards zero. With any luck we’ll soon be in the positives. Maybe I’m delusional, but I hold out hope.