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  • Published on Feb 08 2011 |
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So it’s Monday yet again, how does this always manage to happen? I hope all of you had wonderful weekends and managed to do something fun and relaxing amidst the running around and errands.

It was a pretty fun weekend at the Katimahouse. It was the first weekend of Winterlude, so we made sure to make it out to a couple of different things. On Friday night, a bunch of us bundled up and trekked out to watch the fireworks! (Okay maybe I was the only one who really bundled – under armour, polar fleece base layer, windproof fleece and a jacket… I get cold okay?) I don’t think we were overly clear about  where we were going, we knew that there was a bridge that was closed, and that’s about it I think. Our intention was to get to the Museum of Civilization, but we ended up on the wrong side of the river. I have no clue, honestly. However! We did get a really amazing view of the fireworks! WOW! It was so awesome! I’ve never been in a group of people more enthusiastic and simply in love with fireworks. Some of us couldn’t stop cheering and yelling “BOOM” whenever one went off, and the rest of us couldn’t stop laughing at them. All together we made quite a little bit of noise. After the display we, along with the hordes, flooded into coffee shop in search of warm beverages to defrost our fingers (well not mine, since I was also wearing two pairs of gloves – so prepared).

Saturday morning we had our regular language lessons. Our francophone gets English lessons, and the rest of us sit around the dining room “table” (4 old school tables fashioned into a table big enough to seat 12 people) and practice our French. French classes are always fun, this week was about conjugation in the present tense. We had a bit of homework, which surprisingly was completed by the majority of us, and then we did some practice conversations. After that was free time – a house favourite. Some people explored Rideau Centre, and shockingly managed to not be tempted into making any purchases. Some people checked out the coffee shops, and boutiques. I however took the opportunity to sleep. It was amazing. Cuddled in a little nest of blankets, listening to music and drifting in and out of sleep.  That night we had a communication workshop after dinner, and we all had fun listing our accomplishments for the past month, and talked about things that are and aren’t working in the house (bathroom time and doing your dishes came up, of course). We were sent away with cards to write 2 positive compliments and 1 negative criticism (constructive criticism!) for everyone in the house. They’re getting passed out today, so wish me luck!

Sunday’s highlight was by far skating! It was the first time I’d ever skated outdoors, not on a nicely zambonied ice rink. It was really awesome! We headed over to Dow’s lake, strapped on our skates and made our way across the soft, somewhat melted ice to the lake. It was really fun to watch half of us struggle to stay on our feet, and the other half skate circles around us. Me and another girl lasted for about 45 minutes before our feet hurt (definitely not used to hockey skates) until we headed in for Beavertails. Oh my goodness, BEST decision we could have made! I could honestly live off of a steady diet of those things. Then we walked along the canal, maybe in an attempt to counteract the beavertail? 10/11 of us left intact, but one girl had a bad fall and smashed her nose up pretty nicely. Luckily nothing was broken and we’re pretty sure there is no concussion, but she’s got a big gash and the beginnings of a black eye which I think adds a level of “hard-core” image to our group.

We came home, had dinner and finished up the night with a lovely house meeting where we discussed our past week of activities and planned another week. A pretty successful weekend, all in all, and I have to say the warm weather was much appreciated!