Public being excluded from discussions on mega graphite mine near Algonquin Park

  • Published on Nov 28 2012 |
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An Ottawa-based company, Northern Graphite, intends to develop one of the world’s largest graphite mines in a sensitive area just north of Algonquin Park. In fact, the proposed mine would impact not only Algonquin, but also the Bissett Creek Waterway Park as well as the Grants Creek Waterway Park, both of which link Algonquin Park toward the Ottawa River. If this were not enough, the proposal is located in the middle of an important connection for wildlife linking Algonquin Park to the Dumoine River.  This project, located in the watershed of Grants Creek, has the potential to impact three Ontario parks and the viability of the last remaining wilderness connections linking the forests of the Ottawa Valley to the Boreal.

As required by the Ontario Ministry of Mines and Northern Development, the promoter of any mining project must file a closure plan with the Ministry. The closure plan addresses the way in which the site will be remediated once mining activities have ceased. While the promoter posted a notice with respect to the closure plan on the Environmental Registry, the document itself is only available for consultation at the Ministry office in Sudbury. We feel that this is unacceptable. The public and organizations like CPAWS Ottawa Valley are being excluded from an important dialogue on the future of a vital ecological connection, the development of our region and the way in which decisions are made.

Please take a moment to contact the Ministry of Mines and Northern Development at 

Request that the full closure plan be made available on the Environmental Registry website, that an extension be provided for comments based on the fact that the closure plan is not available, and that the location of the proposed mine be reconsidered as a result of the area’s strategic importance in terms of wildlife movements.

Be sure to copy your concerns to the Environment Commissioner at