Riviere Dumoine, A Paddler’s Journey

As part of its’ campaign to protect the last wild and undammed river in southern Quebec,  CPAWS- Ottawa Valley is going to screen a film about the Dumoine River in nearby communities this summer ~ stay tuned for further info..


CPAWS has consulted with all but one Aboriginal community that will be affected by the Dumoine River protected area and so this summer’s Dumoine outreach will focus on the non-native communities. The film “Riviere Dumoine, A Paddler’s Journey”, will be screened in several of the larger communities located near the river, such as Shawville, Fort Coulonge and may also be shown in Deep River, where the Dumoine Rivers flows into the Outaouais.

Executive Director, of the CPAWS-OV chapter, John McDonnell shares that “We are working toward transforming the Dumoine River into an Aquatic Reserve. Such a reserve would require almost no infrastructure, we are only seeking to protect the values that are already there”.

Mr. McDonnell further disclosed that this reserve “means it would require less of an investment on the government’s part than a provincial park. Setting up an Aquatic Reserve will still require work such as establishing boundaries, but not park management or interpretation costs, which represent a fair amount of ongoing investment.”

CPAWS is hopeful that this area will gain further protection and conservation, which was echo in Mr. McDonnel final statements “the Dumoine River may eventually be elevated to a provincial park and some municipalities and native groups would like that to happen …”.