UPDATE | CPAWS condemns clear cutting of Beaver Pond Forest

  • Published on Feb 02 2011 |
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Today (February 1, 2011) CPAWS sent a letter to Ottawa mayor Jim Watson asking that the City of Ottawa take the necessary steps to halt the clearing operations currently taking place in Kanata's Bever Pond Forest. Please take a few moments to contact the Mayor of Ottawa and the following decision makers to share your concerns about the destruction of the Beaver Pond Forest.

You can learn more about the area by visiting www.ottawasgreatforest.com.

Decision makers to contact: Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa | Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca |(t) 613.580.2496 | (f) 613.580.2509

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario | dmcguinty.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Michael Chan, Ontario Minister of Culture | mchan.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs | cbentley.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Gordon O’Connor, Federal Cabinet Minister & MP for Kanata | oconng@parl.gc.ca

Norm Sterling, MPP for Kanata | norm.sterling@pc.ola.org