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Phil Chadwick

Phil the Forecaster Chadwick, nuclear physicist turned meteorologist paints mostly “en plein air” allowing his passion for life and the environment to shine through the canvas.

I paint outside – nothing between my eyes and the inspiration. That special connectivity gets into the pigments and you realize that we are all stewards of the land, privileged to appreciate its beauty during our lifetime but responsible for leaving it better off for the future and all inhabitants…

A man of many hats, Phil was born and raised along the St. Lawrence of Ontario, Canada and studied at Queens University as a nuclear physicist. A meteorologist for Environment Canada since 1976 Phil specializes in severe weather and training. Remote sensing is his forte – you might want to see a tornado before you die… but not just before you die!

He has farmed, raised bees, written weather and nature books and articles, lectured and instructed classes, seminars and presentations in art, meteorology and the science of Tom Thomson. An avid canoeist, birder and naturalist, Phil paints mostly ‘en plein air’ allowing his passion for life and the environment to shine through the canvas.

He started painting in 1967 in oils and never stopped… this is his journey…


Phil has completed 95 paintings on 3 of CPAWS-OV’s Dumoine trips, which can be viewed at the link below. All but one or two studio works were completed on location. They are in reverse order of completion with the most recent starting first. 


To access more of Phil’s artwork, please visit the following sites or follow him on social media: and


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