Parks and protected areas


Protect and preserve biodiversity in the Ottawa Valley by promoting and advocating for ecological integrity in the management of public lands; working with other local and regional environmental groups, and; collaborating with First Nations, industries and governments. That is our goal. Parks and protected areas are important tools that we use to achieve this goal because they provide environmental protection for shrinking nature and wildlife.

Protected areas are the keystones of wilderness protection and CPAWS-OV focuses on protected area creation and management. As well, we are concerned with maintaining natural connectivity and wildlife diversity. Therefore, we are currently working on a project to have the Noire and Coulonge Rivers and their watershed protected, and we are continuing our effort to make Gatineau Park a “real” Park. Furthermore, we are involved with la Corporation pour la Gestion des Berges de la Rivière des Outaouais (CGBRO), a group working on the PROJECT of a biodiversity reserve along the Ottawa River.  

In the past year or so, we also commented on the draft for the next Gatineau Park Master Plan, the Thousand Islands National Park’s draft management plan and protested the proposed road development through the Greenbelt.